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Written on The Scarred Ground: Searching for the Remnants of Knoxville’s Civil War Forts:

Great article. The fort at the third creek rail bridge is right across from my office. May have to go look at lunch time. The lead photo doesn't match the description under it. The caption talks about the map and how it was overlayed with current streets. Where is that picture? Do you all have a gallery available of the pictures to this article to look at?

Written on Compatible Development:

If you dig back into the land transactions to the Development Corporation of the Midway properties, you will find that it was purchased from a woman with the last name Jernigan. That is very interesting isn't it?

Written on The Nothing That Didn't:

Didn't a big KCP yellow chicken get drawn on the concrete in honor of the KCP no-shows?

Written on Who Will Vote?:

For all the 8th district voters out there, here is a web site that showcases each of the three commission candidates. We sent questionnaires and information requests to each candidate and have compiled the info that was sent back to us on the web site so that you can make an informed decision on which PERSON to vote for in the 8th district.


Written on Judging Owings:

You have to wonder how the county has not been in legal trouble before now. With all the top notch passing of the dirty buck that is going on, I forsee much more trouble coming. I think a lot more dirty information will come out when the judge rules to send the suit forward to trial. So, sending Owings to a judgeship position would not be a very smart thing for commission to do. Although I know there are a few commissioners that fit the requirement to nominate him!

Written on A Question of Priorities:

If anyone would like an "OUST RAGSDALE" printable vehicle window banner to proudly display their disgust for our county mayor, go here...

I have mine taped in the back window of my car. Let everyone know where you stand!

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