You'd Think It Would've Happened on "Tazewell" Pike

This occurrence really redefines the concept of "electricity" between a young couple in love. At an apartment complex off of Riverside Road, just a few minutes before 6 p.m. on Sept. 10, a female in her mid-20s was seen wandering around the parking lot brandishing a 950,000-volt Taser. The suspect would switch the stun gun on when she met passersby and wave it threateningly at them. She was said to be in a "highly agitated state," which may account for her husband's decision to hide in a nearby ditch.

The suspect reported to police that she and her husband had been in a dispute over shared property: an SUV. The argument occurred inside the vehicle, and as the suspect's husband tried to coax her from the black Chevy Suburban, she tasered him in the back. Strangely, the police write-up states that both husband and wife "appeared to be equal and willing participants in the altercation," and there was no recorded investigation into why the suspect had a Taser handy at the time of the dispute. (Or perhaps Tasers are now accepted as a routine conflict-resolution tool among married couples.)