You Know It's Time to Quit When...

From the files of the Knoxville Police Department

The high cost of cigarettes today is pushing smokers to new extremes to sate their cravings. And when the couch and laundry change doesn't add up, they can turn to questionable means.

Knoxville Police officers responded one morning at 4:38 am to a burglary alarm at the Weigel's on Merchant Drive. Upon arrival, officers noticed that the glass front doors had been shattered and observed a black Scion XB driving behind the gas station. After stopping the vehicle in a nearby apartment complex, they found the three passengers to be in possession of three masks, gloves, a ball-peen hammer, and wire snips. Furthermore, the subjects were identified in the surveillance video as they attempted entry into the store. They were taken into custody after admitting to their attempted break-in.

What was their ultimate goal? To steal cigarettes. However, the suspects should have added gas to their heist list—because their getaway car ran out of it.