You Can Find Everything on Craigslist (Including Culprits)

Last week, a local woman walked into her workplace to discover that her Dell laptop computer was missing from her office. Searching high and low, she found that nothing remained of the device except for the charging cable, which was still plugged into the wall under her desk. Thinking that a co-worker had simply borrowed it while she was out, the woman was not particularly alarmed. She decided to retrieve it at the end of the day.

But when she later discovered that no one in the office had picked it up, the victim decided that it was time to do some investigating. Upon learning that a heating and air conditioning company had been hired to do some repairs during the same time that her computer vanished, she logged on to a co-worker's computer to do some intensive Googling. It was then that she found an employee of the heating and air company on Craigslist, offering to trade some "AC supplies" for a Dell laptop power cord.

After obtaining the man's name, e-mail address, and phone number, the woman handed over the information to the Knoxville Police Department. Now that's crackerjack sleuthing!