When Not to Say What You're Thinking

While many people may suspect cops to be biased or unfair, they also understand that it's not a good idea to let police officers know exactly what they think of them. When we are pulled over for speeding, for example, we are expected to be compliant. And when we file a complaint, we generally try to act sane enough that police won't suspect our credibility. One Knoxville man, however, has apparently not yet learned he shouldn't be rude to police officers—especially while intoxicated.

On Thursday, Sept. 2, a local woman called police to resolve a conflict she was having with her husband, according to Knoxville Police Department reports. She stated that both she and her husband were intoxicated and off their medications, and that she wanted to go to the hospital. When police arrived, however, the husband stated he wanted to press charges against his wife. Police explained to the man that he would have to wait until he was no longer intoxicated to press charges. This caused the man to verbally attack the officers.

Yelling and complaining about cops while pacing furiously, the man whined that, "Officers always believe the female." Unsurprisingly, this accusation did not win much sympathy from the police, who replied that "officers don't take sides and only report the facts they have in front of them." Which is, of course, what this very report is based on. (Though there's no word on whether "the female" ever made it to the hospital.)