What Would Columbus Drink?

From the daily logs of the Knoxville Police Department

Sailors of historical ships raiding the shores of unknown territories and reconciling their differences with natives through a stiff drink is common in Hollywood films, but not so much on the docks of Neyland Drive.

That was, until Nov. 7 when a first mate and his crew found themselves in something of a situation. According to police, a man called in to complain of someone slashing the tires of his vehicle around 8 p.m. When officers arrived, they reported finding a very intoxicated first mate and his crew, who were operating visiting replicas of Christopher Columbus' ships, the Nina and the Pinta.

The complainant, who was also quite inebriated, told police that their altercation began when he had seen one of the wooden ships bump into another person's boat. He had confronted the crew, an argument reportedly ensued, and the crowd made its way to Calhoun's parking lot. Seeing that he was outnumbered, the complainant asked a sober man who lived nearby to act as a third party so that the fight wouldn't grow too violent. But bloodshed was avoided when the man invited the crew members back to his boat to settle their quarrel over drinks.

However, things soon got ugly again when the complainant received a call from his own crew member that the tires of his vehicle were slashed. He immediately called police, who confirmed the damage to the tires but were told by the first mate that his crew was innocent.

Police advised the first mate to control his crew. The complainant was simply advised to return to his boat.