A UT-KMA Collaboration

What Knoxville Needs: An ongoing survey of Knoxvillians

The city would profit immeasurably from the Knoxville Museum of Art joining forces with the University of Tennessee to provide a world-class venue for regional art. This would profit "town" and "gown." It would move Knoxville toward the next level in its transformation—a destination for visitors to this part of the country. Closer to home, it would better connect the downtown with the area West of Henley—just the ticket for re-purposing the under-used Convention Center. Think of it: a museum of fine art, adjacent to a large public park, located along a tree-lined boulevard on the edge of a vibrant city center. This is something any city could use, and many great cities already have. Perhaps the better question may be, not what does Knoxville need, but what could Knoxville re-use?

—George Dodds, Professor of Architecture, University of Tennessee