Sidewalks for South Knox

A continuing series of suggestions for civic improvement

"There are many places in Knoxville that need more sidewalks, but the most pressing to me is South Haven in South Knoxville between Island Home and Moody, which both already have sidewalks. You see people pushing strollers right in the street along South Haven. If there were sidewalks there, people, many of them low income, could easily walk to the grocery store and thrift stores and the post office off South Haven or on Chapman. Or they'd just be healthier, with a safe place to walk. My friend Gary Hiscock lived South most of his 63 years before he died this September and was always a big rabble rouser of trying to get the city to do sidewalks there. Maybe we could get it done in his memory?"

—Wade Slate, South Knoxville resident since 1994