More Radio Variety on Knox Airwaves

"Knoxville needs better radio stations. I'm a 41-year-old educated female child of the '80s who can't afford satellite radio. My radio dial is saturated with country, teeny bopper cotton candy crap, classic Southern cock rock, or Americana—all of which make me want to set my head on fire. Also, I don't have a high enough pain threshold to listen to NPR. A nice light mix of '70s and '80s would seriously make me the happiest fat chick in Knoxville. Fulton High School's WKCS FM 91.1 Falcon Radio is the only station I listen to. Those kids have it going on, but if anyone would like to gift me a satellite radio and a subscription to SiriusXM Radio, my life and driving time would be so much better."

—Kali Meister, writer, facilitator of laughter, goddess