Meal-Movie Pairings

I would like to see the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, or something like it, in Knoxville. They show new movies, cult-classic movies, Westerns, 24-hour movie marathons, sing-alongs, quote-alongs, etc. But they don't just serve popcorn, candy, and Coke—they have appetizers, salads, wraps, cleverly named burgers and pizzas, such as the Royale with Cheese Burger, Blazing Saddles BBQ Pizza, or the Wild at Artichoke Hearts Pizza. For events they will pair meals for movie premieres or multi-course meals for movie marathons. I remember going there and watching 300 when it came out—I ate an amazing pizza while my friends had these great burgers. They also have desserts, shakes, coffee, tea, cocktails, shots, wine, local and national beers, etc.

—Adam Stephens, University of Tennessee anthropology grad and South Knoxville resident