Help for the Homeless Who Have Pets

"What we really need is an organization to help homeless folks in Knoxville with pets when they are struggling! A friend and I recently helped a person who found herself short-term homeless. She was trying to find a new place to live with her pet, sleeping on couches and boarding her dog until she ran out of money to even do that. When we stepped up to foster, it was obvious she was grateful and a good person. I appreciate that she stood by her dog (a senior). This is not the first time someone came to my dog network with a situation where help/shelter with a pet was needed. Funny they should turn to me, a jobless redhead who is fostering a blind dog and trying to make ends meet herself. It kinda makes one wonder why our city doesn't have an agency here to offer help?! It's an interesting situation that a dog friend in Nashville has addressed, called SAFPAW. Everyone should go volunteer or just reach out and help someone who needs it because Knoxville has not addressed this issue. So it's up to concerned individuals to help. Oh, by the way, you can also go "like" my dog effort on Facebook—TRU Dog Network. This redhead cared enough to start her own grassroots effort to help dogs, no pay of course. Woof! "

—Tinah Utsman, founder of the TRU Dog Network on Facebook