What if it Had Been 'Tron'?

According to a Knoxville Police report, on Dec. 17, a young man reported being assaulted after viewing The Fighter at Knoxville Center Mall—by a friend. He alleged that things quickly took a turn for the worst after the suspect took the film's meaning a bit too literally and began threatening to beat him up during their drive home.

After searching for a rational response, he told the suspect that he was "mentally retarded" and probably just hyped-up from the movie. This second-grade insult apparently crossed the line and led the suspect to attack him while he was driving.

The victim quickly pulled off the road and, in a scene not quite reminiscent of the film, the two began to brawl in the parking lot of a local restaurant. The act quickly drew to a close after the suspect threatened to stab the victim with his pocket knife, to which he replied, "Go ahead and do it!"—and the suspect did. The victim quickly jumped into his car and fled from the scene.

With so many films rooted in fantasy this holiday season, perhaps it would be best to stick to those with a non-violent theme when the men of the family are in tow.