Weekly Plan-It: Knox Event Highlights for Thursday, July 21 Through Tuesday, July 26

Thursday, July 21

Hillside/Ridgetop Protection Plan Workshop

5 p.m., Main Assembly Room, City County Building

The second joint meeting of City Council and County Commission to try to work out a compromise on the contentious plan.

Friday, July 22

‘Grab My Junk' Burlesque Show

10 p.m., Patrick Sullivan's. $7.

Nationally known burlesque performers join forces with local talents (and last week's cover girls) Salomé Cabaret.

Saturday, July 23

Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels

8 p.m., the Shed (Maryville). $20.

One of Motor City's original madmen.

Josh Ritter

8 p.m., Bijou Theatre. $19.50.

Literate, tuneful folk-rocker has songs about mummies and World War III.

Sunday, July 24

D. Charles Speer and the Helix

10 p.m., Pilot Light. $5.

Moody country-blues by way of the New York avant-garde.

Monday, July 25

Knox County Commission

2 p.m., Main Assembly Room, City County Building.

The agenda for the monthly meeting includes the appointment of an interim state senator for the 6th District.

Tuesday, July 26

Knoxville City Council

7 p.m., Main Assembly Room, City County Building

The regular biweekly meeting.


8 p.m., Relix Variety Theatre. $10-$12.

Six-piece a cappella group from Huntsville, Ala., won NBC's The Sing-Off in 2010.

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