The Weekly Plan-It: July 26-July 31

Highlights of the week ahead

Friday, July 26

Rear Window

8 p.m., Tennessee Theatre. $8.

Yes, it's a movie set at an apartment complex—and shot entirely on a back-lot. Yes, the hero is ostensibly a voyeur—and who sits in a wheelchair for most of the film, muttering to himself. However, Rear Window is Alfred Hitchcock at his most entertaining and most devious. And it's being screened at the perfect theater. You really need to go.

Saturday, July 27

Bill Landry

11 a.m., Union Ave Books (517 Union Ave.). Free.

What's this? Bill Landry has a new book out that has nothing to do with old-timey ways? It's actually a children's book about the adventures of a dog who lives near the national park: Buddy: Dog of the Smoky Mountains. Bring the kids for some autographs!

Tuesday, July 30

Anti-Bullying Summit

9 a.m.-4 p.m., Knoxville Expo Center (5441 Clinton Highway). Free.

Are you a teacher, school administrator, social worker, or in law enforcement? Then you are invited to attend this discussion of bullying sponsored by the Knoxville Police Department's Safety Education Unit. Register at

Wednesday, July 31

Food Trucks Meeting

5:30 p.m., Knoxville Chamber of Commerce (17 Market Square).

So, Knoxville has a lot of food-truck entrepreneurs now, and a lot of potential food-truck customers. How best to let them co-mingle? Why, you need regulations for that sort of thing, and the City of Knoxville has been working with local food truck vendors toward developing rules for permitting food trucks to operate on public and private property. Come here for some early ideas, and add your own.