The Weekly Plan-It: July 11-July 17

Highlights of the week ahead

Thursday, July 11

East City Sector Plan Update

6 p.m., Washington Pike United Methodist Church (2241 Washington Pike)

Get the latest from the Metropolitan Planning Commission on suggestions for the East Sector plan.

Thursday, July 13

Antiques Roadshow Day

All day, Knoxville Convention Center. Sold out!

Yep, it's the first-ever visit by PBS' Antiques Roadshow. Who knows what local treasures will be uncovered? However, if you don't have your ticket yet, then you're not going to find out firsthand. Unless there are Antiques Roadshow scalpers out there. And there probably are.

Sunday, July 14

Young-Williams Animal Center Alumni Celebration

5-9 p.m., Urban Bar and Corner Cafe (109 N. Central St.).

Ever adopt a pet from the Young-Williams Animal Center? Join other animal lovers (and their dogs) for this "alumni" party. Urban Bar and Corner Cafe will donate $1 to Young-Williams for every Scooby Snack Shooter sold, and everyone who brings a bag of pet food or pet toys to donate will get free chips and salsa. Everyone is welcome, adopted or not, four legs or two.

Wednesday, July 17

Books Sandwiched In: Dr. Clif Tennison

Noon, East Tennessee History Center auditorium (601 South Gay St.). Free.

When the mentally ill commit crimes, the legal system is often unequipped to properly handle such incidences. That's the painful truth experienced by those whose family members fall into this dark hole—and it's the subject of writer Pete Earley's Crazy: A Father's Search through America's Mental Health Madness. Tennison, chief clinical officer at Helen Ross McNabb Center, will lead a discussion of the book and the issue.

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