Vehicular Abuse in the Name of Love

On Nov. 6, police officers responding to a domestic disturbance call discovered a large crowd consisting of a man, his former girlfriend, and witnesses—all arguing on the sidewalk. After separating the parties, police soon discovered the root of the ruckus: The man had received word that his ex-girlfriend had accused him of infidelity, so he drove his Ford Expedition to her home. When he arrived, the Nissan Maxima he and his ex-girlfriend co-own was parked in front of the house. So, he decided, as the police report states, "that the best course of action would be to vandalize his and (his ex-girlfriend's) vehicle."

The man proceeded to hit and kick the vehicle; he eventually climbed on top of it and began jumping up and down. At this point, his ex-girlfriend and her mother came outside to witness the spectacle. The mother of the ex-girlfriend then began hitting the suspect's SUV with the first thing she could find: a pair of crutches. The ex-girlfriend, helping her mother in her endeavor, took the suspect's keys and threw them on the roof of a person's home.

Coincidentally enough, the suspect and his ex became involved in a physical altercation, although officers could not determine who was the primary aggressor. While they fought, the ex-girlfriend's mother attacked the man with her crutches. So, the man told police, he then began to defend himself. The ex-girlfriend received a cut to her thumb trying to separate her mother and her ex-lover.

Once police calmed the crowd, the three combatants chose not to press charges. Thankfully, no one was severely injured, except for the two helpless vehicles.