U-Haul, U-Steal

From the daily logs of the Knoxville Police Department

Services such as car and truck rentals traditionally rely on their customers. However, when that trust is broken and a 26-foot U-Haul truck goes missing, someone is going to be held accountable no matter the mysterious circumstances.

On the afternoon of Dec. 2 the Knoxville Police Department received a call from East Tennessee Recovery—an associate and renter of U-Haul Inc.—reporting a missing truck. The vehicle had been rented in late October by a "Mandy Hunt" and was supposed to be returned to the U-Haul center in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. by Nov. 1. The vehicle, however, was never returned. Police checked the Tennessee driver's license that was used to rent the vehicle and it was registered to a local man whom, upon questioning, admitted that Mandy Hunt was a "shadow name" he had used to rent the vehicle.

The man then told the story of his being approached and offered $5,000 to drive a truckload of appliances to Florida. He claims that once he arrived in Florida he gave the keys and truck over to a man that he cold identify only as John, who then paid him the large amount of cash. He denies knowing the current whereabouts of the truck, and also said that he later realized his cash payment had been in counterfeit currency. Investigators are continuing to question their only suspect, who could be charged with stealing the vehicle.