Trashy Vol Fans

The results are in, and UT fans are 3.99 times trashier than Vanderbilt fans.

That's according to the just-released data from the EPA's Game Day Challenge, which found that Vanderbilt fans generate the least waste, per capita, of any SEC football fans—just an average 0.170 pounds per person. Vols fans created an average 0.679 pounds each, sixth in the conference.

And while Auburn might be cleaning up on the field, their fans certainly aren't. The school has the worst record in the SEC—averaging a whopping 1.664 pounds of waste for each person attending a game. Auburn fans were also the worst at keeping that waste out of the landfill. More than 94 percent of it ended up in the trash, compared to about 70 percent for Tennessee and 71 percent for Vanderbilt.

Florida fans generated the second-least amount of trash in the SEC (0.342 pounds), followed by Georgia in third place (0.526 pounds). LSU fans were the second-worst, averaging 1.447 pounds each. Mississippi State, Ole Miss, and South Carolina did not participate in the program.

I know you're probably thinking, "But no one GOES to Vandy football games! Of course they generate less trash!" However, the EPA's calculation is a per-capita one, dividing the total amount of trash and total amount of recyclables by the total attendance, based on one home game.

UT fans can take solace. They were the only SEC school to compost any waste. And their sister school in West Tennessee, UT-Martin? Why they have the least trashy fans in the entire country, tied with Ithaca College at just .078 pounds per person.