Threatened Assault With Intent to Harm Xbox

Fandom over local high school football has proven to be strong over the decades—and, in some cases, it can be too strong. According to a Knoxville police report, this was the case recently when a friend turned foe.

The victim was in his apartment playing with an Xbox when a friend, who had been pestering him over the past few days about a ride to a football game, knocked on his door. When the victim answered, the suspect immediately began to hound him as to why all his phone calls and text messages had gone unanswered. The victim claimed the suspect was upset that they had not been spending time together, and that he still expected his friend to take him to the upcoming football game.

When the victim refused to give his friend a ride, the suspect allegedly grew enraged and threatened to steal the victim's Xbox. The victim, unwilling to give up his precious gaming system, began dialing the police.

The suspect hurriedly escaped, but not before he vowed his revenge: He would return to assault the victim and take the Xbox.

After police arrived, the victim decided to not press charges, but he did inform them that he would be staying at his mother's house for the night.

Corrected: The dispute was not over a University of Tennessee football game, but rather a high school game.