Thoughtful Debate

The following text has been taken directly from a Knoxville Police Department report deemed far too precious to mangle:

On 6/23/2009 at approx. 7 p.m. [police officers] observed the defendant, a known prostitute with multiple charges, loitering at Hembree and Magnolia. The defendant solicited another undercover officer for a ride, telling him she knew he was a police officer and to let her out of the car ... Officers mirandized the defendant and she said that God gave her an ass, and if she wanted to sell it she could. The defendant further stated that she was angry at police due to us not arresting the drug dealers and child molesters and further stated that all she was doing was selling her ass. A citation was not issued due to [the feeling that] there is a reasonable cause to believe the defendant will attempt to engage in prostitution within a reasonable period of time if not arrested. The defendant stated she sells her ass for $20.