Thass a Big Burrito!

Sweet P's BBQ hosted a three-contender El Gigante 5 lb. BBQ Burrito Challenge June 19, and the burrito won. Here are some of the vital statistics from the showdown, with comments from Sweet P's owner Chris Ford:

Amount contestants expected to eat in under an hour: 5-pound BBQ burrito, 1/2-pound mac ‘n cheese, 1/2-pound nanner pudding

First to hurl: Trent "The Kid" Sanders. "He made a good show at the start, eating 60-70 percent of the burrito within 20 minutes, then he got sick."

Least physically affected: Rob "The Missing" Link. "He went at it most logically, eating just 60 percent of the burrito over the hour, but was the only one who didn't get sick."

So, so close: Rock "Hollywood" Hurst finished the burrito in 35 minutes, and the pudding in another 10. "We thought he had it in the bag, but at the end of the hour, he was three bites short of finishing off the macaroni. He just stared at it for a while."

Ford is considering taking on challengers from the general public, but details haven't been worked out yet.