Tennessee Flunks the Ozone Exam

Except for those with incomplete data, every county in Tennessee flunked the American Lung Association's evaluation of ozone levels in 2005-07. In 2008, the national ambient air quality standard for ozone got stricter, and Dr. Allen S. Lefohn of A.S.L. & Associates, under contract with the American Lung Association, re-evaluated those years' maximum ozone level statistics with the current regulations as a yardstick, using Environmental Protection Agency Air Quality System (AQS) data.

Unhealthy for Sensitive Population

  • Anderson:,30 days
  • Blount:, 77 days
  • Knox:,70 days
  • Loudon:,60 days
  • Sevier:,79 days


  • Anderson:,1 day
  • Blount:,1 day
  • Knox:,0 days
  • Loudon:,1 day
  • Sevier:,0 days

Very Unhealthy

  • Anderson:,0 days
  • Blount:, 0 days
  • Knox:,1 day
  • Loudon:,0 days
  • Sevier:,0 days