Table of Contents: Nov. 11-17, 2010


Book Keeping
Facing competition from chain stores,, and now e-books, locally owned booksellers around the country are worried they won't survive the current recession. In Knoxville, we have three case studies: new-books store Carpe Librum, which just announced that it's closing; antiquarian shop The Book Eddy, which is closing but will reopen as Central Street Books; and McKay Used Books and CDs, which is an amazing success story. Coury Turczyn looks at all three.

Police Blotter: Creepy Mr. Twisty
Count on It: The Nina and Pinta
Meet Your City: Talkin' Bout the TYP (Again)
Knoxville Googled: Knoxville + dogs
Street Talk: Kenneth Doss, overall military commander, Living History Weekend at Fort Dickerson Park


Citybeat: STEM Where?
We'd like to clear up a few things about this proposal for a new magnet high school at the old L&N Station—starting with the fact that there is not yet (quite) an actual proposal for a new magnet high school at the old L&N Station. Oh, and as Jesse Fox Mayshark reports, the school system has not yet completed a feasibility study on the required retrofit.

Citybeat: Studying the Straight Sibling
University of Tennessee doctoral student Nikki Hilton is studying how straight siblings accept (or don't) their LGBT brothers or sisters, reports Rose Kennedy.

Ear to the Ground
Krogering gone wild, Tyler Harber resurfaces (again), Phillip Fulmer holds his tongue, and Sen. Doug Jackson loses.

Secret History
Jack Neely takes a good, long look at the south end of the Gay Street Bridge and its missing JFG sign.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle previews the total Republican control of state government.

Joe Sullivan examines two charter school applicants.

Midpoint by Stephanie Piper
Sound Check


Music: Local Hero
Tim Lee 3

Eye on the Scene
Abigail Washburn, Sara Jordan memorial

Hunter Hunt-Hendrix of Liturgy

CD Reviews
Sailors With Wax Wings, Thomas Köner

Music: Classical
KSO chamber review

A1 Lab Arts

Video Games
Fable III