Table of Contents: Nov. 25-Dec. 1, 2010


In this fourth edition of our ongoing series, we visited different forms of dance in Knoxville to simply record what we saw, profiling the scenes and lives that help define our city. These may be familiar places we've all heard about, or curious things that may surprise even their neighbors—but they're all Knoxville, and they're all worth getting to know better.

East: Austin-East Dance Company
South: Copa Cabana nightclub
West: Line dancing at Cotton Eyed Joe
North: The Sacred Hoop, Drum and 
Dance Circle

Police Blotter: The Banditos Bandit
Count on It: Second Harvest
Meet Your City: Meet Your Expanded Library Hours
Knoxville Googled: knoxville+humanity
Street Talk: Sean McCollough, recently released album for kids, This Is Our House


Citybeat: The Un-Chain Gang
With the official holiday shopping season kicking off this week, local consumerism is getting its biggest push from an unlikely source: a giant corporation. American Express is underwriting a campaign called "Small Business Saturday," encouraging shoppers to spend the day after the traditional Black Friday patronizing their local independent retailers. Does spending local keep local economies humming? Jesse Fox Mayshark finds out.

Citybeat: Sustainable Effort?
Change is afoot for the Foundation for Global Sustainability, which has arguably been the staunchest proponent of environmental awareness in the region. Mike Gibson reports.

Ear to the Ground
Rep. Beth Harwell outruns the tar and feathers, more potential Haslam picks, medical merger meltdown, and it's a Popcorn Christmas.

Secret History
Jack Neely recalls Knoxville's darkest time: the Neyland Era.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle asks what's wrong with earmarks.

Shot of Urban
Michael Haynes wants more ground-floor retailers to move into the neighborhood.

Urban Renewal by Matt Edens
A Cape Cod in Lindbergh Forest

Local Biz Profile
Uncle Lem's Mountain Outfitters


Music: Local Hero
The Great Great Pines

Eye on the Scene
Scott Miller, VN TRBL and Kunniggulus

CD Reviews
The Dead C, Girl Talk

Local CD Review
Place of Skulls

Music: Classical
KSO anniversary review

Video Games
Rock Band 3

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest