Table of Contents: Dec. 2-8, 2010


Blog Happy
Even in this age of tweets, there are old-fashioned blogs worth seeking out—especially local ones. East Tennessee has more than its share of creative minds, and they aren't afraid to regularly send their thoughts out into the blogosphere. So here are just a few local blogs to bookmark if you haven't already.

Police Blotter: What Would Columbus Drink?
Count on It: Some Good Housing News
Meet Your City: Your Holiday Commission
Knoxville Googled: knoxville+adventure
Street Talk: Eric Lee, Metro Pulse Triage artist and member of the bands Vn Trble, Double Muslims, and Fake Blood


Citybeat: TVA for Sale?
A new privatization push for TVA comes from an unexpected direction: the left. Washington, D.C.-based Coalition for Green Capital represents an assemblage of entrepreneurs, investors, attorneys, financial experts, and policy wonks from the energy efficiency, wind, and solar energy industries. And they're suggesting we auction off TVA. But as Rick Held finds, local TVA watchers and the Chamber itself don't think it's such a good idea.

Ear to the Ground
Nick Pavlis thinks short-term, Victor tours far-off lands, and Eddie Mannis considers tossing his hat.

Secret History
Jack Neely catches up on his local-author reading.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle finds the idea of bailing out California rather dismaying.

Joe Sullivan surveys the efforts to revitalize the Five Points area.

Libacious by Jesse Fox Mayshark
White Russians


Music: On Tour
U.S. Christmas

Eye on the Scene
Todd Steed's Unmind

Local CD Review
Surface Hoar

CD Reviews
Kanye West, Maserati

DVDs: Spoiler Alert
The Expendables, Vengeance

127 Hours

The Casual Observer, by Kate Furst
Matt Rankin