Table of Contents: Dec. 16-22, 2010


Revenge of the (Coffee) Nerds
So you think you like coffee, the good kind. Well, odds are you have no idea what true coffee gourmands will go through in pursuit of the perfect, guilt-free cup. And suddenly, it seems, Knoxville has a growing coffee scene that will satisfy even the most hardcore coffee nerds. With roasters like Vienna Coffee Company, Goodson Bros. Coffee Company, Three Bears Coffee Company, jAVERDE, and Golden Roast; coffee houses like Old City Java, Remedy, Coffee & Chocolate; and coffee companies like Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and JFG, Knoxville has become super caffeinated. Cari Wade Gervin goes in search of our coffee culture.

Police Blotter: Father of the Year
Count on It: Healthy Eating Up in the Air
Meet Your City: County Commission to Vote on Midway Business Park
Knoxville Googled: knoxville + boredom
Street Talk: Patrick Patterson, co-creator West Knoxville Light Show in Farragut


Citybeat: Regas, 1919-2010
The city is mourning the impending loss of its oldest restaurant. Regas, which has been open in one form or another since the Wilson administration, will close at the end of the month, after a 91-year run. Bill Regas, the 81-year-old son of Frank Regas, the Greek immigrant who co-founded the restaurant, announced his decision to the large staff on Saturday. Jack Neely recounts its colorful history.

Citybeat: Playing for Payroll
With the non-profit Laurel High School facing some of its biggest challenges in its soon-to-be-40-year history, it's only fitting that local musicians are coming to its aid. Rose Kennedy reports.

Ear to the Ground
Bobby Maze unleashes attorney Gordon Ball, mayoral fund-raising goes bust, Arizona here we come, and a chance at local history making.

Secret History
Jack Neely completes his tale of a nearly normal Christmas in Knoxville, ca. 1910.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle offers a few observations on how our mayoral race is shaping up.

Joe Sullivan shares some good school news for students at West High.

Ask Doc Knox by Z. Heraclitus Knox
Our lost cable car


Music: Local Hero

Eye on the Scene
Shortwave Society, Snow Day concert

Local CD Reviews
Sean McCollough, Jamie Cook

CD Reviews
Off!, Floored by Four

Music: Classical
Holiday music

17th Street Studios

DVD Reviews
Restrepo, The Oath

Cool It

The Casual Observer, by Kate Furst
Kelley O'Brien