Table of Contents: Jan. 13-19, 2011


The Defector
Wendell Potter is a name you may have heard in the national news. After a career as one of the health-insurance industry's leading PR directors, he experienced an ethical awakening in rural Virginia at a free clinic conducted by Knoxville-based Remote Area Medical. He realized that the lies he'd been helping perpetuate about health-care reforms had real-world implications. That was when the former Knoxvillian quit his job and started blowing the whistle in print and before Congress. Jack Neely profiles.

Police Blotter: Life in the Gutters
Count on It: Better Grades for Knox County Schools
Meet Your City: Filling the 5th District Vacancy
Knoxville Googled: knoxville + hysteria
Street Talk: Heather Middlebrooks, Metro Pulse triage artist


Citybeat: The Virtual Campaign
It is still early in this city election year, and we will probably have to wait at least until the snow melts for good before we see the blossoming of candidate yard signs that lets you know a campaign is in full swing. But if you're looking for some early indications of where things stand, all you need is an Internet connection. In the realm of websites and social media, the Knoxville mayor's race is well under way. Jesse Fox Mayshark does some browsing.

Citybeat: Pedi-Cure?
It might have slipped past you in December, an item in the amendment to the annual budget that City Council approved: funding to study a new pedestrian bridge downtown. Cari Wade Gervin walks the talk.

Ear to the Ground
Knoxville's first black mayor, and the state Democratic Party's same ol' chair.

Secret History
Jack Neely ponders the fate of the S&W Grand, and remembers a colleague.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle predicts a few education issues to come as state Republicans assume command.

Joe Sullivan likes what he reads in Phil Bredesen's book on health-care reform.

Ask Doc Knox
A Lyons Bend waterwheel

Urban Renewal by Matt Edens
New in Fourth and Gill


Social Studies
Patrick McCrory and Jeffery Moore had a great idea: Launch a video-chat website that matches up users based on their topics of interest. And so they did it—and is simple and easy to use. Unfortunately, no one knows it exists, which makes creating a new online social network very difficult, as Mike Gibson finds out.

Music: On Tour
Soft Opening

Eye on the Scene
WayneStock, Pres Pub, Opera auditions

Local CD Review
Hey OK Fantastic

CD Reviews
Wire , Gerald Cleaver

Music: Classical
Oak Ridge Symphony Orchestra

Suburban Youth

Lynda Barry's Picture This

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