Table of Contents: Jan. 20-26, 2011


Volunteer Work
Dr. Joe DiPietro once wanted to be a vet and spend his time taking care of cows and horses. Now he has to be president of the University of Tennessee. Sounds pretty swank, right? Except that he'll be digging out from the worst recession in 80 years, the state doesn't like to spend money, he's probably going to have to raise tuition—and he has a mandate to make UT-Knoxville a top-ranked school after years of middling ratings. Can he pull it off? Jesse Fox Mayshark takes a look at what he's up against. Plus: What exactly does a university president do? And where should his office be?

Police Blotter: Tempting Fate (and Car Burglars)
Count on It: Dancing for Donations
Meet Your City: South Knoxville Sector Plan
Knoxville Googled: knoxville+domestic violence
Street Talk: Zach Carter, organizer of Knoxville Ice Bears Baby Derby


Citybeat: Duty Calls
Knoxville has named a new interim mayor—6th District Councilman Daniel T. Brown. So who is he, and why did he want the job? Brown's gone from a segregated Austin High School and an all-white Knoxville city government to his new role as our first black mayor, but history-making is not why he wanted to serve the remainder of now-Gov. Bill Haslam's term. Cari Wade Gervin finds out what's on his mind.

Citybeat: Next Stop, L&N
The Knox County school board filled in many of the details concerning a proposed math and science magnet school set to occupy the venerable L&N Station downtown at its Jan. 12 meeting. Yet somehow the big picture didn't get much clearer, as Mike Gibson reports.

Ear to the Ground
Mayoral candidates go begging, Dick Vitale slams Bruce Pearl, Jimmy Haslam has a good day, and Bill Haslam assembles his super squad of former mayors.

Secret History
Jack Neely assesses Bill Haslam's stewardship of Knoxville.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle suggests we rein in the Knox County Development Corp.

Shot of Urban
Michael Haynes takes a moment to thank the annoying people downtown.

Guest Speaker
Noam Chomsky

The Casual Oberver by Kate Furst
Zoe-Ruth Erwin


Music: On Tour
Levon Vincent

Music: Local Heroes
Black Lillies

Eye on the Scene
Royal Bangs, Waynestock , Tokyo GoGo, Epic Ditch

CD Reviews
Death, The Ex

Music: Classical
UT Faculty Chamber Series

Luna Park, The Outfit

Video Games
Dead Rising 2 DLC

Four Lions