Table of Contents: Feb. 3-9, 2011


‘Postpone It as Long as We Can'
This year, the University of Tennessee is celebrating a half-century of desegregation. The emphasis has been on the relative peacefulness of the transition. But the road to a racially open university was a long one, strewn with obstacles deliberately placed by several generations of UT administrators. And some vivid illustrations of this are available in a small, fascinating trove of papers collected online by the university. Jesse Fox Mayshark guides us through this archive of bureaucracy. Also: A brief history of school segregation in Tennessee, including its local roots.

Police Blotter: Street Food, Street Violence
Count on It: Ice Bears: Frequent Fighters
Meet Your City: First Mayoral Candidates Forum
Knoxville Googled: knoxville+advertising
Street Talk: Cindy Latham, Metro Pulse triage artist


Citybeat: Seeking Justice
Six months ago, same-sex couple Carol Ann and Laura Stutte lost their Vonore home and all their possessions to fire, becoming a local cause for gay support groups and a national headline. Since then, they've found little resolution. No arrests have been made, and they still haven't received reimbursement from their homeowners insurance company. So, they're filing suit, as Rose Kennedy reports.

Ear to the Ground
A legal mess approaches, more mayoral candidate cash, Jackie Walker gets his due, and battling sex-ed Facebook groups.

Secret History
Jack Neely muses over Knoxville's brainpower quotient, ponytails on City Council, and a notable celebration.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle explains the topsy-turvy world of gasoline pricing.

Joe Sullivan really, really likes the Howard Baker Center at the University of Tennessee.

Midpoint by Stephanie Piper
After the Fall

Urban Renewal by Matt Edens
Gone country


Music: On Tour

Eye on the Scene
Waynestock , R.B. Morris, Straight Line Stitch

Hey OK Fantastic

CD Reviews
The Dirtbombs, Deerhoof

Music: Classical
Lefkowitz & Midori

The Illumination

Guest Speaker
Poets Pamela Uschuk and William Pitt Root

Webb School's iPads