Table of Contents: Feb. 10-16, 2011


Does Knoxville Dream of Electric Cars?
With production of the Nissan Leaf gearing up in Tennessee, the age of the fully electric car appears to finally be upon us. Knoxville is one of a few select markets in the country in which the Leaf and an accompanying infrastructure of electric charging stations are being rolled out. But is there really a future for electric cars in East Tennessee? Will drivers swap their SUVs for expensive economy cars that plug in? Cari Wade Gervin takes the idea for a spin. Plus: Test-driving a Leaf.

Police Blotter: Beware of Falling Appliances
Count on It: Win-Win at Knoxville Restaurant Week
Meet Your City: Meet Your Redistricting
Knoxville Googled: knoxville+cream
Street Talk: Ken Hansen, barbershop quartet member and publicist, Smokyland Sound Chorus Singing Valentines


Citybeat: Ladies' Night
If the financial disclosure forms turned in last week marked the kick-off of the mayoral campaign, Monday's forum at Church Street United Methodist Church was something like an opening drive, a first chance to test the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates and their relative positions. Jesse Fox Mayshark lets us know how they did.

Ear to the Ground
Jackie Walker gets his due, Judge Bill Swann gets a bad press release, the state budget gets some good news, and building permits fizzle.

Secret History
Jack Neely follows up on some previous stories.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle argues in favor of electing state Supreme Court justices.

Joe Sullivan examines looming state budget shortfalls.

Libacious by Jesse Fox Mayshark
Bourbon Renewal

Urban Renewal by Matt Edens LEED Victorian


Music: On Tour
The Two Man Gentlemen Band

Eye on the Scene
WDVX, Con Hunley, Tune Junkie Weekend

Local CD Review
The Black Lillies

CD Reviews
Wanda Jackson, Destroyer

Music: Classical
Jeremy Wilson

Installation in Clay

Dogtooth, Enter the Void, Santa Sangre

The Illusionist

Guest Speaker
Writer Kevin Wilson

The Casual Observer by Kate Furst
Jared Cooper