Table of Contents: Feb. 17-23, 2011


TVA's Green Power Switch?
For the last few decades, TVA and local environmentalists had a very easily described relationship: contentious. Green-power advocates were not only ignored by the federal power company, but were often arrested at demonstrations protesting its nuclear power program. Lately, however, there's been a thaw—particularly in the post-Kingston ash spill era; TVA has been listening to their ideas for sustainable energy, and environmentalists have been reconsidering nuclear options. Longtime local environmental reporter Rick Held documents this apparent glasnost.

Police Blotter: Facebook Saves the Day
Count on It: eBook eLation at Public Library
Meet Your City: Meet Your Hydrofracking
Knoxville Googled: knoxville+oil
Street Talk: Conny Ottway, Civil War musician


Citybeat: No Safe Place
The consensus among Knox County officials seems to be that it's wrong to jail the non-violent mentally ill instead of treating them. But it appears that actually doing anything to halt the status quo will have to wait until the political will is found to spend the money needed to implement a solution. J.J. Stambaugh reports on the impasse.

Citybeat: Plan? What Plan?
An unelected group with no actual authority has been tasked with guiding the city and county's homeless plan. Jesse Fox Mayshark tries to find out how that happened.

Ear to the Ground
Sen. Campfield gets a lot of valentines, the new police chief may save us some money, and an unexpected casualty of the L&N makeover.

Secret History
Jack Neely boldly dares to avoid apps.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle gets to the root of the Ten-Year Plan's stall-out: our mayoral election.

Shot of Urban
Michael Haynes examines downtown traffic after the Henley Bridge closing.

Local Biz Profile
Raven Records returns


Music: On Tour
The Civil Wars

Eye on the Scene
Bonnaroo lineup, Down From Up, WDVX Hillbilly Ball, Hudson K video shoot

CD Reviews
Motörhead, Metal Mountains

Music: Classical
Manon review

Video Works

Fantastic Four

Verizon iPhone

Guest Speaker
Filmmaker Margo Pelletier

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