Table of Contents: Feb. 24-March 2, 2011


No Refuge
In Knoxville and Knox County, incidents of domestic violence are on the rise—or at least police calls are. The Knoxville Police Department and Knox County Sheriff's office responded to more than one domestic violence related call every 30 minutes in 2010; 19,043 total, the highest annual figure to date. Meanwhile, organizations tasked with helping victims say they're stretched beyond their limits, and looming budget cuts will make the problem even worse. Rose Kennedy surveys this social crisis.

Police Blotter: Do cat burglars like shiny things?
Count on It: Healthy county, shame about the air
Meet Your City: Test drive a Leaf
Knoxville Googled: knoxville+pleasant
Street Talk: Andrew Gribble, neophyte NASCAR reporter who found himself covering Knoxvillian Trevor Bayne's Daytona 500 win


Citybeat: Paper or Plastic … or Bottle?
The battle to allow wine sales in grocery stores in Tennessee is as old as the hills. But unlike the past few times similar measures have been introduced in the state Legislature, proponents of the change are cautiously optimistic this time that it might actually stick around long enough for a committee vote, at least. Cari Wade Gervin reports.

Citybeat: Uphill Battle
The Metropolitan Planning Commission's efforts to regulate hilltop and ridge development faces continued opposition, as Jesse Fox Mayshark reports.

Ear to the Ground
Doug Horne loses a renter, a shift in flackdom, Bill Owen sends out a survey, and Knoxville's current candidate lineup.

Secret History
Jack Neely thinks about Life, considers the geography of Happy Holler, and updates the Humes House.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle believes in more taxes—for Amazon, when it opens a facility here.

Joe Sullivan looks at how Republican federal budget cuts will trickle down to Knoxville, if passed.

Ask Doc Knox by Z. Heraclitus Knox
DIY Historical Research

Urban Renewal by Matt Edens
Garden dwelling in Parkridge

Guest Speaker
PBS CEO Paula Kerger


Background Noise
Ampient is a loose collective of Knoxville musicians whose monthly concerts are intended to not shake things up. In fact, just the opposite—they want to lull you with improvised ambient music. Cari Wade Gervin taps in.

Music: On Tour

Music: Local Heroes

Eye on the Scene
Black Lillies, WUTK's Woodie, and the Sound Off finals


Local CD Review
Vacationist League

CD Reviews
Drive-By Truckers, Earth

Music: Classical

Catfish, The Tillman Story

Barney's Version