Table of Contents: March 24-30, 2011


Fables of the Reconstruction
Columnist Matt Edens has been writing Urban Renewal for Metro Pulse for nearly 20 years. Originally, his intent was to spark homebuyers to take an interest in historic neighborhoods and older homes that were typically shunned as "fixer uppers." But local attitudes have shifted quite a bit in the past two decades, with an enthusiastic downtown revitalization that has made center-city living cool again. Therefore, he's putting his column to rest, and bids farewell in one last piece.

Police Blotter: Attack by bodily fluids
Count on It: Knox County kids' eating habits
Meet Your City: Celebrating black culture
Knoxville Googled: knoxville+bunnies
Street Talk: Kristen Gasnow Brown, president, Feral Feline Friends of East Tennessee


Citybeat: Watching the Detectives
The saga of Henry Granju's death last year has been the subject of ongoing attention, due in no small part to the social-media skills of his mother (and former Metro Pulse contributor) Katie Granju. In the last few weeks, she has appeared in local media and on national cable news, demanding a more thorough police investigation. Betty Bean reports on her media message.

Citybeat: Quality of Life
A two-day conference on "quality growth" next week is gathering hundreds of planning professionals, local officials, environmental advocates, and interested citizens. Jesse Fox Mayshark scopes it out.

Ear to the Ground
Who will be the establishment's candidate for mayor? Who will replace deposed Judge Baumgartner? Why are we still writing about the Tea Party?

Secret History
Jack Neely relates playwright/novelist David Madden's memories of Tennessee Williams.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle advises UT to get at the heart of the Athletic Department's most recent woes.

Joe Sullivan reports on how the county's fees offices are not following charter budgetary provisions.

Urban Renewal by Matt Edens
The last one!


Music: On Tour
Exene Cervenka

Music: Local Heroes
Straight Line Stitch

Eye on the Scene
Siren Santina, Dirty Guv'nahs, Jag Star

The Dirty Knees

Local CD Review
Royal Bangs

CD Reviews
Pakistan pop, Tim Hecker

Music: Classical
Kirk Trevor

Xiaoze Xie

Inside Job, A Film Unfinished