Table of Contents: April 7-13, 2011


Requiem for Parson Brownlow
People still call Parson Brownlow "Tennessee's worst governor." In 1987, the Democratic state Legislature banned his portrait from the capitol building, because of its possible influence on "impressionable schoolchildren." His profile on the "Tennessee History Classroom" website is entitled, "The Most Hated Man in Tennessee History." But who was he, really? Jack Neely traces the life of Knoxville's most colorful Civil War figure and state governor.

Police Blotter: Insults and Injuries
Count on It: Barnstorming at 81 Feet
Meet Your City: Meet Your Energy Efficiency
Knoxville Googled: knoxville+redneck
Street Talk: Stacey Adam, owner, Blooming Earth Flowers floral CSA


Citybeat: ‘Critical Thinking' or Creationism?
State Rep. Bill Dunn has created a firestorm of controversy with HB 368, a bill that he says is meant to ensure that this generation's high school students learn critical thinking skills and "to respond appropriately and respectfully to differences of opinion about controversial issues." So why, exactly, are science teachers across the state and the American Civil Liberties Union lambasting the legislation? Cari Wade Gervin finds out.

Citybeat: Edible Urban
Who are the Urban Land Scouts, and why are they mapping Knoxville's edible flora? Rose Kennedy reports from their front ranks.

Ear to the Ground
New green business may headed to a local brownfield, the Knoxville Focus peers at Mayor Burchett, a rainy-day survey, and Ron Ramsey leads a red-tape hunt.

Secret History
Jack Neely concludes the cliff-hanging tale of law-school-student-turned-parachutist Mamie Rhea.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle jumps into the gray areas of tort reform.

Sideways Glance
Rikki Hall wonders when state Republicans will get around to working on the problems we're actually facing.

Midpoint by Stephanie Piper
Spring Thaw


Music: On Tour
Skull Defekts

Eye on the Scene
Bill Scarlett: Jazz Giant

CD Reviews
Lykke Li, Mastodon

Music: Classical
Rachele Gilmore in I Puritani

Alan Lomax


Topsy-Turvy, Fish Tank

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