Table of Contents: April 21-27, 2011

Waste Watchers
As we celebrate Earth Day, let us consider the things we get rid of on a weekly basis: our garbage, sewage, and recycling. Where does all of that stuff actually end up when the truck takes it away or when it spirals down the drain? And what's done with it once it gets there? Aren't you curious? Well, we are! So we had Cari Wade Gervin follow her trash, Rose Kennedy follow her recycling, and Jesse Fox Mayshark follow his sewage.

Police Blotter: You know it's time to quit when...
Count on It: P is for Party School
Meet Your City: UT Master Plan
Knoxville Googled: knoxville + unpopular
Street Talk: Mary Findley, co-author of Youth Declaration presented at peace rally April 16 at Y12 Nuclear Weapons Complex in Oak Ridge


Citybeat: A Ticking Bomb?
Lyme Disease is caused by tiny, spiral-shaped bacteria called borellia, which are carried by nymphal and adult deer ticks. The disease is named for Lyme, Conn., the town where it was first identified in the 1970s. Many doctors still think of it as primarily a Northeastern phenomenon. But it's not, as a new documentary and local sufferers attest. Jesse Fox Mayshark reports.

Citybeat: SAD Day
When House Bill 600 reaches the State House for a vote on Monday, it will be the first time an "anti-equality" piece of legislation has come to the House floor since 2005, say foes. Rose Kennedy finds out how it happened.

Ear to the Ground
Sen. Jamie Woodson leaves behind a power vacuum, the City Council election slate is still pretty blank, Sequoyah Hills homeowners get a slower piece of Kingston Pike, and Roddy bags a Haslam.

Secret History
Jack Neely visits a little-known architectural wonder in South Knoxville.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle considers the millions in fines and court costs not being collected in Knox County.

Joe Sullivan reviews all the grant money Knox County schools are receiving on top of the annual budget.

Libacious by Jesse Fox Mayshark
Minty fresh drinks


Music: Local Hero
Matt Woods

Eye on the Scene
MP music series, new local releases

James Trimble

CD Reviews
Wye Oak, the High Llamas

Music: Classical
KSO season closer

'70s exploitation films

Atlas Shrugged