Table of Contents: April 28-May 4, 2011


My 13 Hours With RAM
You've probably seen the stories, both locally and nationally, about Remote Area Medical's expeditions into depressed areas, offering free medical help. The Knoxville-based group gathers volunteer doctors, dentists, opticians, and many others to conduct large-scale free clinics. But what's it like to actually receive their assistance? Currently unemployed writer Rick Held found himself in that situation recently, and this is his account of the experience.

Police Blotter: The Landlord Who Wasn't There
Count on It: Going, Going, Gone
Meet Your City: Meet Your Ridgetop Plan (Again!)
Knoxville Googled: knoxville + unique
Street Talk: April Carthorn, manager, Project NOW! partnership to help young people who are in transition from foster care to adulthood


Citybeat: "I Want It Even More"
In the third installment of our ongoing series of mayoral candidate profiles, Cari Wade Gervin talks with former city development director Madeline Rogero about her second attempt to become Knoxville's mayor.

Ear to the Ground
Madeline Rogero's really good week, another Duncan considers a political career, and the latest Vol conspiracy theory.

Secret History
Jack Neely takes us back 150 years ago this week, when war arrived in Knoxville.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle makes his case for the intelligence of Ayn Rand.

Sideways Glance
Rikki Hall tells us why TVA shouldn't cut corners on its natural resources plan.


Music: On Tour
Abigail Washburn

Eye on the Scene
Kevin Niceley returns

Boom Box
DJ 4Matiks

CD Reviews
Clams Casino, Ponytail

Theatre: Backstage
The Music Man

Books: Pulp
Started Early, Took My Dog

Video Games
Crysis 2

I Am