Table of Contents: May 5-11, 2011


Saving Austin-East
Ever since the old Knoxville city schools became part of the county system in 1987, Austin-East High School has been a target of reform efforts. As a school with a high percentage of lower-income students and persistently low test scores, it has been under increasing state and federal pressure since the No Child Left Behind law took effect in 2001. And it has been through a wrenching series of attempted transformations that have sometimes left students, teachers, and parents bewildered. But the most recent reform efforts appear to be having an impact, as Jesse Fox Mayshark reports.

Police Blotter: Culprits on Craigslist
Count on It: 311 Hits 6,000
Meet Your City: Free Anxiety/Depression Screenings
Knoxville Googled: knoxville + hail
Street Talk: Keller Wallace, Volunteer Street Rod Association's Nationals South coordinator for Rod Run in Knoxville


Citybeat: All Fracked Up
Hydraulic fracturing, aka "fracking," has been used, mostly in gas wells, since the late 1940s. But in recent years the technique has become one of the top concerns of environmentalists, after stories of water pollution, chronic health problems, and even explosions near drill sites in Pennsylvania and Texas made national news. New state regulations ignore these concerns, as Cari Wade Gervin reports.

Citybeat: Roll Out the Green Bins
After years of effort, the city is finally implementing curbside recycling. Rose Kennedy finds out how you can get the free service.

Ear to the Ground
Mercy seeks a buyer, Madeline Rogero may win without a runoff, Highlands Row gets a tenant, and the Hansons head to New Mexico.

Secret History
Jack Neely bids adieu to the Market Square Kitchen, and offers some more notes on the Parson.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle speaks up for printed legal notices—in print.

Joe Sullivan believes public school funds should remain public.

Soluble Solutions by Pink Lady
Annoying coworkers


Music: Local Heroes
Jennifer Niceley, the Vaygues

Eye on the Scene
Whitechapel, Jeff Barbra

Sam Quinn

Local CD Review
Taylor Brown

CD Reviews
Poly Styrene, Cass McCombs

Mapping the World

Blow Out, White Material

Dylan Dog