Table of Contents: May 12-18, 2011


Best of Knoxville 2011
There are a lot of "best" lists out there, from local magazines, TV stations, newspapers, and websites. But when we launched the Best of Knoxville in 1994, the very concept was alien to a lot of people here: Knoxville has things that are "best?" Who knew! Since then, of course, just about every media source in town has started vying to declare things best. But the Best of Knoxville itself is still the best of the best-of-Knoxville lists, the one poll where the results reflect the will of thousands of voters. This is it: The one true Best of Knoxville.

Police Blotter: A Model Thief
Count on It: Sororities Say, "It Takes a Village"
Meet Your City: Meet Your Henley Boulevard?
Knoxville Googled: knoxville+cradle
Street Talk: Bill Tuggle, shoe shine stand operator


Citybeat: Vote of Confidence
Clifford Rodgers has set two early goals for his tenure as Knox County's new elections administrator: one, learn how to do the job; and two, stay out of the headlines. Given the recent turmoil in the Election Commission office, the first may be easier than the second. Jesse Fox Mayshark surveys the politics of choosing someone to organize our elections.

Citybeat: Storybook Ending
Union Avenue Books, love child of the late Carpe Librum, will be opening soon, as previously announced, but there have been some changes that delayed its opening, as Jack Neely relates.

Ear to the Ground
Becky Duncan Massey throws her hat in the ring, District Attorney Randy Nichols gets a legislative win, and the state's new distilleries face some growing pains.

Secret History
Jack Neely says farewell to the Checker Flag on Clinton Highway, home to the "Crash Bash."

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle expresses his regret over thinking that electing officials might be a better process than appointing them.

Shot of Urban
Michael Haynes warns you to watch your back when crossing some newly busy intersections downtown.

Midpoint by Stephanie Piper
Timing is everything


Music: On Tour
Chris Thile and Michael Daves

Eye on the Scene
R.I.P. Todd "Bonehead" Townsend, Abigail Washburn

CD Reviews
Gang Gang Dance, Liturgy

Music: Classical
KSO's Baroque period

Author Charlaine Harris

Video Games
Playstation Notwork