Table of Contents: May 19-25, 2011


Summer Sports
Knoxville is a sports town. Everyone knows that. But its athletic obsessions have typically been limited to teams with the name "Vols" attached. Yet toiling away in Knoxville's playing fields are semipro teams that compete each summer, hoping to draw the attention of local fans. Well, this is their moment in the sun: Mike Gibson profiles the Knoxville Knights football team, and Cari Wade Gervin presents the Knoxville Force soccer team. Meanwhile, Matthew Everett gives us a preview of the new Knoxville kickball league.

Police Blotter: Caught by Modern Conveniences
Count on It: Business Benefits of Broadband
Meet Your City: Yes, Another Meeting on the Homeless
Knoxville Googled: knoxville+raw
Street Talk: Brenda Herron, Restaurant Employee of the Year, Knoxville Tourism Alliance


Citybeat: A Budget in Black and White
Knox County Mayor Burchett has proposed a 92 percent cut in county funding for the Beck Cultural Exchange Center, from $150,000 to $12,000. The center has a total annual budget of about $300,000, its director says, and the loss of so much county money would effectively shut it down. The potential closing of such an important cultural touchstone has inflamed a lot of bad feelings on Knoxville's east side, as Jesse Fox Mayshark reports.

Ear to the Ground
Marilyn Roddy makes some refunds, County Mayor Tim Burchett's new budget sends funds to an evangelical Christian health center, and which mayoral candidate will win East Knoxville's support?

Secret History
Jack Neely reports on the city's discussion over what to do with Henley Street.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle mulls state and local budget issues.

Joe Sullivan says the Ten-Year Plan may be in stasis, but its initiatives are still pushing forward.

Ask Doc Knox
Cowan's Cottage

Soluble Solutions by Pink Lady
Legally Drunk


Music: On Tour
Dirty Dozen Brass Band

Music: Local Heroes

Eye on the Scene
Dirty Guv'nahs, festivals

Local CD Review

CD Reviews

Q&A: Patricia C. McKissak

Meghan O'Rourke's The Long Goodbye

I Saw the Devil, Black Death

Hobo With a Shotgun