Table of Contents: June 2-8, 2011


Class of Clowns
Whatever you think of our new Republican overlords in the House and the Senate and the Governor's mansion, the fact of the matter is this: Never in recent memory has the Tennessee Legislature generated so much national press. And unless you think Sen. Stacey Campfield's appearance on Fox News was a win, none of it made our state look good. So, Cari Wade Gervin and Jesse Fox Mayshark present our own (unauthorized) yearbook of the legislative session that was, just to share the memories.

Police Blotter: A Convoluted Con
Count on It: Ed Bailey = Adult Baseball in Knoxville
Meet Your City: Meet Your Ridgetop Protection (Again!)
Knoxville Googled: knoxville+biscuits
Street Talk: Carrie King, inventor, 
patented solar port-a-potty light


Citybeat: West Words
Scott West was convicted of laundering money from his brother Mike's marijuana trafficking operation in 2006—money which had helped fund his Market Square businesses. Now released from a subsequent prison sentence, West is back in town and something of a lightning rod for controversy. Mike Gibson finds out why.

Ear to the Ground
Mike Hammond proposes a county audit of the Beck Cultural Exchange Center, Hank Williams Jr. wants to distill moonshine in Cocke County, and home foreclosures start rising again in Knox County.

Secret History
Jack Neely rides the rails of the elusive Tennessee Central.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle thinks Mike Hammond is in a good position to play "good cop" to Tim Burchett's "bad cop."

Joe Sullivan believes tax reform is needed to truly reduce the deficit.

All Foods Considered by Rose Kennedy
Fantasy Food Picks

Soluble Solutions by Pink Lady
Three's Company


Music: Local Hero
Jill Andrews

Eye on the Scene
Willie Nelson's Country Throwdown, Knoxville Voice Competition, Metro Pulse's 20th anniversary

CD Reviews

Barry Lyndon, Solaris

Meek's Cutoff