Table of Contents: June 9-15, 2011


Comics & Puzzle issue
Who doesn't love comics? Or puzzles for that matter? Combine them and you have our annual foray into fun: an illustrated history of Knoxville; a foray into the world of grown-up Dungeons & Dragons players; and all kinds of funnies you won't find in any other newspaper.

Police Blotter: Seeking Solace Via 911
Count on It: Knoxville Better Read Than Portland?
Meet Your City: Meet Your County Budget
Knoxville Googled: knoxville+warp
Street Talk:  Bridgette O'Dell, creator of adults-only PROMedy


Citybeat: 'The Common-Man Approach'
Ivan Harmon has been a school board member, a city councilman, a city employee, and a Knox County commissioner. He was also, 16 years ago, a candidate for Knoxville mayor. And now he is again. In the fourth (and final?) installment of our series of mayoral candidate profiles, Jesse Fox Mayshark goes into the trenches with the elder statesman.

Ear to the Ground
Mike Hamilton heads out, Gov. Haslam consults his lawyer, and doesn't anyone want to run for City Council?

Secret History
Jack Neely gives us a tour of the new Oliver Hotel.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle recalls TVA's many missteps the first time they attempted to build nuclear power plants.

Shot of Urban
Michael Haynes revisits the turning point of 2010 for downtown Knoxville.

Midpoint by Stephanie Piper
Get Rich Quick

A Living World by Eleanor Scott
Mulberry Trees


Music: On Tour
Hurricanes of Love

Eye on the Scene
Scott Miller, the Cheat, Fine Peduncle, Metro Pulse Happy Hour, festival lineups  

CD Reviews
Mickey Newbury

UT's 2011 Honors Exhibition

Video Games
L.A. Noire

Cave of Forgotten Dreams