Table of Contents: June 16-22, 2011


The Right Words
This year is the 70th birthday of the Harbrace Handbook of English. It will go unnoticed by most—but it's an anniversary with a lot of significance for the University of Tennessee: Harbrace is the best-selling college textbook of all time, and it's the creation of former UT English professor John C. Hodges. Yes, that John C. Hodges—the one the campus library is named after. Brooks Clark and Cari Wade Gervin look at the history and cultural impact of Harbrace.

Police Blotter: Now That's Service (With a Loaded Weapon)
Count on It: Chevrolet Fireball to Run Through Knoxville
Meet Your City: Secret City Festival
Knoxville Googled: knoxville+nothing
Street Talk: Mary Whiteflower, teacher, How to Read Tarot class


Citybeat: No Christmas in July
At Tuesday's meeting on the Knox County budget, County Commissioners found themselves between the rock of Mayor Tim Burchett's austerity budget proposal and the hard place of county employees who haven't had a raise in years. Cari Wade Gervin assesses the results.

Citybeat: Image Problem
Legal experts say HB 300, now signed into law, is probably unconstitutional. But even if it's not, the law is not a ban on offensive Internet content, as Cari Wade Gervin reports.

Citybeat: Bridging a Gap
Since 1982, Bridge Refugee Services has resettled hundreds of approved refugees in the Knoxville area. But new security protocol threatens its funding, Jack Neely finds.

Ear to the Ground
Quentin Tarantino comes home at last, some last-minute City Council candidates, Freedom Energy goes to Morristown, and the race for Sen. Jamie Woodson's seat gets crowded.

Secret History
Jack Neely recalls a fellow Knoxville historian, Ron Allen.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle once again asks for some adult supervision of the UT Athletics Department.

Sideways Glance
Rikki Hall tracks the (mighty slow) progress of the hillside protection plan.

Ask Doc Knox
Whittle Uprising

Soluble Solutions by Pink Lady
Wedding (Non) Invites


Music: On Tour

Eye on the Scene
Our 2011 Bonnaroo wrap-up

CD Reviews
F--ked Up, The Black Lips

The Outlaw Josey Wales, Ulzana's Raid

Super 8