Table of Contents: June 23-29, 2011


11 Things About Knoxville
A new tradition is born! (Maybe.) Last year we wowed you with our "Awesome Issue of Mighty Lists," which compiled some of the most interestingly pointless facts about Knoxville that we're aware of. And now: Part 2! In our second annual A.I.M.L, we concentrate on things that come in groups of 11. Just take a look!

Police Blotter: Maybe the Crime Lab Can Reconstruct It?
Count on It: 11 Needed Items for the YWCA
Meet Your City: Meet Your Tuition Hike
Knoxville Googled: knoxville+breadbasket
Street Talk: Keegan Luttrell, Metro Pulse Triage Artist


Citybeat: Full Slate
After a small flurry of petition gathering and filing over the past few weeks, the field of candidates for this fall's Knoxville city elections has turned out to be more crowded and colorful than expected. Almost all of the contests feature an array of personalities and faces that could make for some lively discussion. Jesse Fox Mayshark provides a quick rundown of the races and the people involved.

Citybeat: Hot Food
Second Harvest has received a $20,000 grant from ConAgra Food Foundation's Hunger-Free Summer endeavor to support its Summer Food for Kids program, reports Rose Kennedy.

Ear to the Ground
We probe the world of county debt payments, Mark Padgett goes on the offensive, and another study in which Tennessee ranks near the bottom.

Secret History
Jack Neely examines Knoxvillians' reluctance to elect mayors who aren't from around here.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle says federal corn subsidies make little sense any more.

Joe Sullivan explains the decennial rite of passage known as redistricting.

Libacious by Jesse Fox Mayshark
Drink Your Veggies

A Living World by Eleanor Scott
DIY Placemaking


Music: On Tour

Music: Local Heroes
Big Bad Oven

Eye on the Scene
Scott Miller's new CD, the Black Lillies

Local CD Review

CD Reviews
Beyoncé, Autopsy

Sudan: The Land and the People

Video Games
Red Faction: Armageddon

Tree of Life