Table of Contents: July 7-13, 2011


Weather Attack
When a cloudburst swamped Knoxville on the last day of February this year, flooding intersections and storefronts and basements, it seemed March was just making an overly dramatic entrance: In like a lion on steroids. What no Knoxvillian could have guessed then was that this storm was just the opening salvo. Still to come was the hail, the tornadoes, the biggest power outage in local history. Did we do something wrong? We look at the meteorological and spiritual aspects of our scary weather.

Police Blotter: The KnoX Files
Weekly Plan-It: Highlights of the week ahead
Street Talk: Maria Compere, co-founder of the Knoxville Green Association


Citybeat: Three Maids All in a Row
At some point during the June 30 debate/forum/what-have-you at the Expo Center on Clinton Highway there were over 200 people in attendance. But by 7:30 p.m., when the debate for the Tennessee state Senate District 6 seat started, the crowd had dwindled by two-thirds. But watching Marilyn Roddy, Becky Duncan Massey, and Victoria DeFreese revealed that not all Republicans are the same, even if they're all white middle-aged women. Cari Wade Gervin tells us what we missed.

Citybeat: New Look
The Old City has had its ups and downs over the years, but recently it's been on a revitalization roll with new businesses and development that's been drawing crowds, as Mike Gibson finds.

Ear to the Ground
We find some Haslams on Mark Padgett's donor list, visit the proposed Regas Square, check in on Belle Island, scope out Haslam's new legislative wrangler, and get the scoop: State Sen. Jamie Woodson resigns!

Secret History
Jack Neely attends the annual gathering of Ye Olde Burlington Gang.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle wonders when conservatives will put a priority on conservation over politics.

Shot of Urban
Michael Haynes ponders the state of confusion that is Gay Street parking.

Midpoint by Stephanie Piper
Story Time

A Living World by Eleanor Scott
Green Ways


Music: On Tour
Psychedelic Furs

Eye on the Scene
Kevin Burdette, everybodyfields spin-offs, Friday Night Live series, and Anna's Angels

Local CD Review
The Theorizt

Thrift-Store Finds
Henry Gross' Plug Me Into Something

CD Reviews
Saåad, Vetiver

Arts & Culture Alliance group show

Video Games
Duke Nukem Forever

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Knox On Wheels by Jason R. Sakurai
Introducing a new car column