Table of Contents: July 14-20, 2011


The Super-Sexy All-Singing All-Dancing Metro Pulse Guide to Pensions!!!
Pensions! They're important! They're expensive! But they're boring! Admit it: When you see the word "pension" in a headline, your eyes start to glaze over. So as our local governments in both the city and county start to wrestle with the long-term implications of their bewildering cluster of retirement programs, we thought we'd try to explain the different systems with the assistance of our friends at Salomé Cabaret. Jesse Fox Mayshark does the writing and reporting part.

Police Blotter: Bit of Bonnaroo Comes to Knoxville
Weekly Plan-It: Highlights of the week ahead
Knox Found Online: Knoxville's Dog Poop Technology
Street Talk: Jason Moeller, who participated in a scientific survey of walleye pollock in the Gulf of Alaska


Citybeat: Other People's Money
Financial disclosure. It's a phrase that makes a lot of people nervous. You'd be surprised at the number of people who don't realize that their donations to campaigns are a matter of public record. Or that while candidates are not required to list the names of donors who give under $100, that doesn't mean they won't. You'd also be surprised at the shocked looks on some candidates' faces when we asked them to disclose their tax returns—which is exactly what Cari Wade Gervin recently did.

Ear to the Ground
We find out which mayoral candidate has the best-paid staff, Ivan Harmon gets sort of dissed by the Haslams, and here's your congressional redistricting progress report.

Secret History
Jack Neely considers the locations of the new Union Avenue Books and the soon-to-be beauty school at the S&W downtown.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle believes now that the shuttle program is retired, it's the perfect opportunity to start exploring space.

Joe Sullivan wonders if County Mayor Tim Burchett will find enough buyers for his fire sale of county properties.

Soluble Solutions by The Pink Lady
Sanity Smitten

All Foods Considered by Rose Kennedy
Acai Spirits


Music: On Tour
The Gourds

Eye on the Scene
We R Indie and Indiegrrl Music Conference, Johnny Newman's symphonic metal, the Foothills Fall Festival lineup

CD Reviews
Eleanor Friedberger, Givers

13 Assassins, Tetsuo: The Bullet Man

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