Table of Contents: July 28-Aug. 3, 2011


Taqueria Tour
Surely you've seen them, tucked away in fading strip plazas, with signs only in Spanish: taquerias. And haven't you been curious? As Knoxville's Latino population grows, so too does the number of restaurants that cater to their specific tastes, offering authentic fare you might not find in your typical Mexican restaurant. Does this mean gringos are not allowed? Of course not, and our own Cari Wade Gervin took it upon herself to visit every taqueria she could find to file this report.

Police Blotter: Gotta Snatch 'Em All
Weekly Plan-It: Highlights of the Week Ahead
Street Talk: Chandler Goff, inventor of the Luther Burger, a bacon cheeseburger served on a Krispy Kreme donut


Citybeat: Open House
Knox County's trying something new next month when it opens its new STEM high school. Enabled by a $3 million contribution from the state or Tennessee, it's the first high school downtown in 60 years, located in the 1905 L&N train station. The school system allowed the press in for a look on Tuesday, and Jack Neely gives us a tour.

Citybeat: The End of Compassion
Compassion Knoxville prepares to issue its final report on Knoxville's homeless population, as Jesse Fox Mayshark reports.

Ear to the Ground
Madeline Rogero releases her most favorite poll yet, Sierra Nevada puts the squeeze on Alcoa, and Jim Cooper tries to avoid those redistricting blues.

Secret History
Jack Neely connects the dots between Quentin Tarantino, Johnny Knoxville, and Cormac McCarthy.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle wonders how many more jobs will be lost if Tennessee submits to's demands for tax-free sales.

Joe Sullivan reviews mayoral candidate Mark Padgett's business bona fides.

Soluble Solutions by The Pink Lady
Irksome Co-Worker

Olive in Wonderville by Olive J. Keith
Penitentiary Biscuits


Music: Local Heroes
Marina Orchestra

Eye on the Scene
Jim Ellis, the Metro Pulse 20Fest

Travis Gray

CD Reviews
Washed Out, Crystal Antlers

Uncle Boonme and The Sacrifice

Captain America: The First Avenger