Table of Contents: Aug. 11-Aug. 17, 2011


All Banged Up
When the most musically respected young rock band in town gets national acclaim and appears on the cusp of breakout success, you kind of want to write about it—particularly if you are the entertainment editor of the local alternative newsweekly. But as Matthew Everett discovered, that's not always so easy—especially if you haven't formed any personal bonds with a group like the Royal Bangs. Here's his tale of woe—along with an appreciation of Knoxville's most promising band.

Police Blotter: Frappuccino Bandits Apprehended
Weekly Plan-It: Highlights of the Week Ahead
Street Talk: Donna Doyle, second-place winner in the Metro Pulse YUMMM! haiku contest


Citybeat: In the Running: Meet the Candidates for City Council Seat C
In a lot of ways, the candidates in the City Council At-Large Seat C race couldn't stand in starker contrast to each other. There is the retired banker passionate about historic preservation. There is the life-insurance salesman passionate about solving the homelessness problem. And there is the minister passionate about helping people, who also happens to be the only woman in any of the City Council races. Cari Wade Gervin profiles Ron Peabody, Finbarr Saunders, and Sharon Welch.

Ear to the Ground
City Councilman Charlie Thomas Opts to Run, Knoxville's Judicial Selection Committee Applicants, and Undecideds Hold the Lead in 6th District State Senate Race .

Secret History
Jack Neely gets cranky over the fading use of microfilm machines.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle considers many confusing historical facts.

Joe Sullivan looks at that other alternative energy source, natural gas.

Soluble Solutions by The Pink Lady
Can He Forgive His Brother For an Affair?

All Foods Considered by Rose Kennedy
The Palavah Hut Steams Up Beloved Food Memories


Music: On Tour
Grace Adele

Eye on the Scene
WDVX's KidStuff, the Metro Pulse 20Fest schedule

Local CD Review
Keith Brown's Sweet and Lovely

CD Reviews
Disma, Widowspeak

Stakeland and Cold Weather

Rise of the Planet of the Apes