Table of Contents: Sept. 22-28, 2011

(Vol. 21, #38)


The Drinking Issue: Bar Guides
This year we're devoting our special Drinking Issue to those sages behind the bars, our beloved bartenders:
Mix Masters: Four bartenders bringing the art of mixology to Knoxville
Bar Tales: Memories of a tough-guy bartender, don't ever date the doorman, and the anxiety of catching the barkeep's eye.
Bartending Confidential: Anecdotes from local bartenders

Weekly Plan-It: Highlights of the Week Ahead
Street Talk: Marty Velas, Smoky Mountain Brewery's brewmaster, who will speak at Beer University at Oktoberfest, in Kingsport


Citybeat: New Fracking Friction
In late August, the Tennessee State Oil and Gas Board voted to institute significant changes in the regulations that govern how the industry operates in the state. The changes have been criticized by environmental groups for the lack of any regulation of fracking. While the state aims to bring the two sides together to create fracking regulations, environmentalists have another concern: Who will enforce them? Cari Wade Gervin digs in.

Citybeat: Not Alone
This Saturday will be the first East Tennessee Disability Conference, which aims to support people with disabilities. Jesse Fox Mayshark gives us a preview.

Ear to the Ground
The Knox County housing slump continues, Knoxville attorney Gordon Ball goes for the brass ring, and can Joe Hultquist be a spoiler?

Secret History
Jack Neely considers the ramifications of being a patient at a hospital that's "All Vol."

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle has a bad feeling about genetically modified produce and hormonally boosted milk production.

Joe Sullivan vouches for unifying school board and County Commission districts.

Libacious by Jesse Fox Mayshark
State of the Boozin'

Soluble Solutions by Pink Lady
Digital Invites


Feature Story
HoLa Festival

Music: On Tour
M. Ward

Eye on the Scene
J LaLonde, Madre

Local CD Review
Yung Life

CD Reviews
Hella and Krallice

Music: Classical
UT Symphony

Frutos Latinos II

Poetry and Secret Sunshine