Table of Contents: Oct. 6-12, 2011

(Vol. 21, #40)


Among Friends
In just three years' time, Eddie Young has become an opinion leader and activist for Knoxville's homeless. He's also a pastor, the executive director of Redeeming Hope Ministries, part of the Redeemer Church on the corner of Highland and 17th in Fort Sanders. And while he won't pass up a chance to minister to those who ask him for it, the means and the ends of his projects are one and the same, and have nothing to do with salvation. He wants to help people in the here and now. Rose Kennedy introduces us to an unusual crusader.

Weekly Plan-It: Highlights of the Week Ahead
Street Talk: Christian Cox, Metro Pulse Gamut artist


Citybeat: ‘Why We Stay In Business'
You wouldn't think that this would necessarily be the best time to be investing in lots of real estate, but downtown developer David Dewhirst hasn't slowed his pace with the recession. With plans to redevelop the White Lily Flour factory, and its current restoration of the landmark Arnstein Building, Dewhirst Properties' most unusual project may bring life to an empty stretch of Jackson Avenue. Jack Neely takes a look.

Citybeat: Then There Were Two
After months of mostly polite campaigning, the two remaining Knoxville mayoral candidates turned feisty in the week after the Sept. 27 primary. Jesse Fox Mayshark recounts the sniping.

Ear to the Ground
The Knoxville Chamber unleashes Plan B, redistricting update no. 326 (in a series), and can the City Council move city elections?

Secret History
Jack Neely tells the tale of how "Uncle Bill" Johnson met Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle wonders what will happen to our stuff in the (often buggy) digital age.

Joe Sullivan details Chattanooga's manufacturing-recruitment advantages.

Midpoint by Stephanie Piper
Not-do List

Soluble Solutions by Pink Lady
Football Fanatic


Music: On Tour
Hans-Joachim Roedelius

Music: Local Heroes
The Bad Dudes

Eye on the Scene
Boyd's Jig & Reel, Sonic Medusa

CD Reviews
Mastodon and Mekons

Heather McClintock

Kate Beaton

Bio-docs of Bill Cunningham, Buck Brannaman, and Conan O'Brien

Dream House