Table of Contents: Oct. 13-19, 2011

(Vol. 21 #41)


Outdoors Issue
We are but pale, flaccid writers who live in the LCD glow of our computer monitors, tapping out our frail stories. But once a year, we're allowed to leave the office and write about outdoorsy stuff. And then we assign the stories to freelancers.
Canine Camping: Kim Trevathan sees what he can learn from his dog on a canoe expedition at night.
Urban Fishing: Fred Sahms casts his reel into First Creek—right outside the Fellini Kroger.
Hiking Etiquette: Jesse Fox Mayshark provides tips Miss Manners has yet to consider.
Scenically Inclined: Mark A. Large's photos from The Obed: A Climber's Guide to the Wild and Scenic.

Weekly Plan-It: Highlights of the Week Ahead
Street Talk: Jeff Siddons, organizer for the East Tennessee Electric Vehicle Show


Citybeat: Guardian of the Greenways
Fear not, treaders of Knoxville's extensive greenways system—you are protected! Or at least your litter will be attended to. That's because Knoxville has its very own greenway ranger, Katie Bernier. The 22-year-old with a very liberal arts degree from Florida State patrols our greenways, sometimes finding a shocking clue or two, as Rose Kennedy discovers.

Citybeat: Into the Woods
Brian Hann and the Appalachian Mountain Bike Club are working on completing the South Loop Trail in South Knoxville, which will create 30 miles of mountain biking wonder. Cari Wade Gervin takes a look.

Ear to the Ground
Shocking truth: the Hillside and Ridgetop Protection Plan is actually part of a global plot, Knoxville gets Occupied, and Mark Padgett's birth announcement brings a temporary cease-fire.

Secret History
Jack Neely reviews the life of a local potter, hanged for treason.

Sideways Glance
Rikki Hall thinks Mayor Tim Burchett may be shooting from his hip too often.

Joe Sullivan hikes along the Hillside and Ridgetop Protection Plan process, and thinks it's time resolve it.

A Living World by Eleanor Scott
A South Knoxville rope swing


Music: On Tour
Lydia Loveless

Eye on the Scene
Band battles, and a visit from CSPAN

Local CD Review
The V-Roys

CD Reviews
Bill Orcutt and Matthew Herbert

Thrift Store Finds by Anthony Nownes
Elliot Easton

Video Games
Space Marine